Sunrise Solutions Inc

Sunrise Solutions, Inc

Sunrise Solutions, Inc. is a highly reliable, responsive resource, able to provide "Turn Key" support when and where time critical solutions, emergency response and recovery requirements are needed.

Our personnel have extensive experience and ability to manage and deploy ready assets, develop and execute streamlined solutions to complex issues resulting from disaster and cultural challenges worldwide.

Sunrise Solutions™ capabilities include:

  • Turnkey Base Camp Support, soft & hard sided tents or modular
  • Manufacturing and Installation of Modular Structures: temporary / semi-permanent / permanent modular structures used for housing, offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, medical facilities, hospitals, ablution, laundry, kitchen, and dining facilities.
  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Site Assessments and Preparation, Utility Services Installment and Connections, and Modular
  • Unit Assembly Services
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Potable Water Production and Delivery
  • Wastewater Systems Construction and Management
  • Mechanical, Civil, and Commercial Construction
  • Instrument and Electrical Construction
  • Security Services Management

Sunrise Solutions offers high capacity, in-house engineering, manufacturing, and service capabilities. Our products and personnel exceed expectations, as indicated and evidenced in our "Past Performance History" during US catastrophe, Katrina/Rita, in Iraq, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Nigeria and other countries, conflicts, and disasters.